Big Sur

 Night Prayer

 Steward’s Point



Big Sur

The eagle wings gently into spreading night.

black cormorant screams its hunting whistle

above afternoon cliffs.


Wave and wave

white-capped swells flood the sea.

light sails the wind-carried waves.


Having fasted and have prayed,

I am ready for the feast–

fresh and clean.


The eagle,

feeds me on the Spirit,

shows me the glory of creation

nearness of God.


This is heaven,

the presence of God–

but we cannot see.

He helps me to see,

shows me the liveliness of everything.

He is the Old Man standing in a dark portal.

I am brother to Christ

forgive my transgressions



Golden Eagle

the Eagle rests.




Steve Frost
Big Sur, California 1979





Night Prayer

Silver slipped

down the branch

lit night leaves

almost bright

carried dark shadows through

endless silence


Luminous gray

ruled the land

raised shadows,

laid patterns light

across field and trees,

across endless bramble

of this life’s night.


Owls, courting


loot the countryside of mice

perch in pine tree outside my window

discuss the price of meat these days.



all speak of endless patient waiting

for the endless, endless



San Francisquito Canyon, California 1979




Light sails the wind-carried waves–

big swells and whitecaps.

My eyes rest on the largess of now…

Luminous salt, liquid sea,

Turquoise sea–

white foam and light;

Fresh, clean, rushing waves

Fresh and clean as the rush of heaven.



Steward’s Point
Big Sur, California